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Bontrager Homes is a family business with U.B., Reenie and Scott personally working with every client to ensure their dream home comes to life. The expertise with the Bontrager team cannot be matched, and that is how they feel about their partners they collaborate with often.

One of those invaluable partners is Madison County Cabinets. Every cabinet is truly customized, and built from scratch to ensure the highest quality. Like Bontrager Homes, Madison County Cabinets is a family-owned and operated business with one-on-one personal service. Bontrager Homes became partners with the cabinet shop in 2003.

When designing a custom home, Bontrager Homes knows they need to work with a partner they trust, someone who can deliver a quality product, and share their customer service promise. That’s what they have found in Madison County Cabinets. “Working with a custom cabinet maker can make the process much more enjoyable,” Scott Bontrager said. “Sacrifices don't have to be made based on what's available because they are going to construct whatever's needed.” At Madison County Cabinets, piles of lumber are turned into works of art. “We’ll try anything once,” Aaron Riffey with the cabinet company said.

Both businesses are just as invested in a project as the other. “Scott’s personal attention from the get-go is rare,” Aaron said. “We work together on the job site and there is a lot of flexibility and workability. I don’t take working with Bontrager Homes for granted. We have a high standard, and for us to fit with Bontrager Homes is awesome.”

In a home, the kitchen is the focal point, and is the number one resale value. Custom cabinets add to the quality of the kitchen. “Cooking daily puts a lot of wear and tear on the cabinets. Custom cabinets are built to be durable and long lasting,” Scott said. “This durability will require much less maintenance. If maintenance is needed, a custom cabinet can be readily repaired correctly by the same people that built them.”

Bontrager Homes takes pride on completing the build on time, and Madison County Cabinets has the same high standards, backed by an outstanding guarantee. Bontrager Homes’ excellent customer service continues years after the home is built, with Scott and his team maintaining personal relationships with customers, and working to make sure everything is just right. Both businesses take pride in what they do, and with such high standards, their partnership is a custom fit.


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